Solar Power

The Company Provides erection & commissioning services to set up Solar Power Plant & Projects, Solar Rooftop ( On Grid & Off Grid ) Solutions, Solar Power Street lights, Solar Power Pump, Solar O & M Services.

Under this service our scope of work consists:

• Site Preparation / Assessment
• Designing & drawing Preparation
• SPV Plan Layout
• Bill of Quantity Preparation
• Bill of Material formation
• Procurement of material as per the BOM
• Civil work & Mounting structure installation
• Electrical installation & commissioning DC & AC side both
• Installation of metering unit
• Laying of transmission line

Scope of Work – Installation & Erection

Mechanical Installation:

• Assembly & installation of Solar PV Module Mounting Structures as per the drawing.
• Assembly & Installation of mounting of other electrical components.

Civil Installation:

• Construction of Mounting Structure Foundation as per the drawing.
• Formation of Tranches for DC / AC & Communication Cable.
• Formation of Transformer base & foundation of other electrical components.
• Construction of control room.

Electrical Installation:

• Design of power and control cable routing, size and terminations
• Design of substation grounding system

Substation Erecting and Commissioning:

• Construction of switchyard ground, apparatus platform, cable trenches, grounding system, supporting structures
• Construction of substation control room
• Erection and commissioning of electrical outdoor apparatus – busbars, transformers, circuit breakers, isolators, earthing-switches, lightening arrestors, CTs and PTs
• Erection and commissioning of electrical indoor apparatus – control and relay panels
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