Consultancy & Erection Services for Transmission, Distribution & Substation Projects

Under these services the company provides survey work using GPS instrument, erection & commissioning services to set up Power transmission & distribution Projects.

Transmission / Sub-transmission / HT Line / LT Line Survey, Design & Engineering:

• Preliminary Survey
• Conventional Survey of Transmission Line
• Survey of Transmission Line Using Modern Survey Techniques
• Transmission Line Routing
• Data Collection, Analysis & Report preparation
• Transmission Line Alignment

Substation Survey, Design and Engineering:

• Initial concept and layout of substation
• Design and engineering – Electrical
• Design and engineering – Civil
• Design of power and control cable routing, size and terminations
• Design of substation grounding system

Substation Erecting and Commissioning:

• Construction of switchyard ground, apparatus platform, cable trenches, grounding system, supporting structures
• Construction of substation control room
• Erection and commissioning of electrical outdoor apparatus – busbars, transformers, circuit breakers, isolators, earthing-switches, lightning arrestors, CTs and PTs
• Erection and commissioning of electrical indoor apparatus – control and relay panels

Distribution System Design & Engineering:

• Consumer survey, data collection, analysis and report preparation
• Distribution system design – substation location and distribution line routing
• Energy audit and accounting system
• Identification of strategic locations for energy meters

Distribution System Erecting and Commissioning:

• Erection & commissioning of distribution lines and poles
• Erection & commissioning of pole/pad mounted distribution transformers
• Erection & commissioning of Ring Main Units (RMUs)
• Erection & commissioning of substation RTU and pole-top RTU

Erection & Commissioning Services for Solar Power Projects:

The Company Provides erection & commissioning services to set up Solar Power Plant & Projects, Solar Rooftop ( On Grid & Off Grid ) Solutions, Solar Power Street lights, Solar Power Pump, Solar O & M Services.

Under this service our scope of work consists:

- Project execution
- Timely completion of the projects

Competence Management

By developing and nurturing a competent group of R & D engineers
By bringing up technical competence of the organization through a planned and structured approach to training

Technology/Knowledge Management

Conceptualizing new product/solution/services for market needs
Failure investigation and learning
Technology gap analysis and actions for filling the gaps for total system solution
Planning for technology need of the organization and accordingly interact with academia and plan for research and sponsor the project to various universities
Technical competency mapping and plan for improving the same to improve the technology base of the organization
Planning for technical training needs for various businesses, accordingly develop the technical training modules and disseminate the knowledge
Repository of knowledge and technical tools

Customer Relation Management

To meet regularly the key customers and know their requirement and accordingly in-house planning for new development in close cooperation with the parent company.
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