Irrigation & Water

India, which has 16% of the World’s population, has only 4% of the world’s fresh water resources. As per the ministry of Irrigation, there is a huge gap between Ultimate Irrigation Potentials (UIP) and Irrigation Potential Created (IPC) in India, especially in the state of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa by having 21 Mn hectares of land are still away from Irrigation Plans.

India is basically an agriculture oriented country and so as the roots of Tisarah Infrastructure is also deeply grounded with this segment only. According to report of National Center for Agricultural and Policy Research, India needs to increase its food grains production by atleast 50% in next two decades and India Water Vision 2025 has estimated that gross water demand in the next two decades require an Investment of Rs. 20,000 Crore per year.

Tisarah Infrastructure has formed a special portfolio to cater this need of Irrigation and Water Supply and it’s highly expertise team of this segment is capable enough to carry out any project under this sector at any location In India.

The company is providing its expertise under this segment in area of Canals, Dams, Building Culverts and Bridges at Cross Sections, etc.

Water infrastructure & Waste water management solutions

In view of rapidly growing population, over exploitation of ground water resources, pollution of surface and ground water resources, coupled with adverse impact of climate change, and considering the development need of our fast growing country, there is an urgent need to promote as well as consolidate the activities of water conservation, optimization of water use efficiency and water demand management in the country, through a holistic and integrated approach. It is apprehended that if the water related challenges are not addressed properly, in a time bound manner, the rapidly growing water demand is likely to lead to water Conflicts among different user groups as well as the basin States.

Water Infrastructure team at Tisarah Infrastructure has entered into alliances with leading technology companies for undertaking water treatment projects on EPC basis. Tisarah Infrastructure has the necessary resources to undertake all components of construction.

Intake Facility, Storage Reservoirs, Cross-country Pipeline, Treatment Plants’ Distribution Systems

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